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Telemedicine Downloads

I expect this is scary time and we understand that telemedicine may be something foreign to you. We at Gentile Retina take pride in our gentle demeanor and compassion.

The technicians at Gentile Retina may have spoken to you earlier today. They send their regards to you and your family during this tumultuous time. All at Gentile Retina wish you safety and good health. Due to the current office safety protocols and your needs, we are currently seeing patients via telemedicine if needed.

Below are two diagnostic charts on one page and consist of Vision Screener and the Amsler Grid. If possible, please print these charts out and keep them in your records. You can continue to use these charts to monitor your vision over time.

We will contact you to schedule your telemedicine appointment. At your telemedicine visit, you will be worked up by a technician and review the Vision Screener and the Amsler Grid with them before being seen and examined by Dr. Aljian, Dr. Gentile, Dr. Parikh or Dr. Silva.

If possible, we ask that you please take a photo of both eyes and also one eye at a time, so that we may review them before the appointment.

We are currently supporting compliant telemedicine examinations through our electronic medical record system and can even use regular telephone, Skype, Facetime, and Zoom if needed.



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