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To provide the best care to every patient in a respectful and compassionate setting. Dignity and cultural sensitivity of each patient is paramount with every attempt to educate patients and/or family of their disease. Excellence is the goal with the best outcomes and highest quality service. Integrity is the rule with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and principles.


Dr. Gentile is a true professional. He is thorough in his examination and patiently answers all questions and concerns. He is intelligence, warmth and approachability are the reasons I travel to NY Eye and Ear.

This wonderful doctor restored my vision after a serious macular hole in the retina. He answered all my questions and comforted my fears over and over. I can't say enough about this wonderful man and wonderful doctor.

Howard T.

I called my friend who recommended Dr. Gentile to me to thank her again. This doctor is not only knowledgeable about the latest research, he is extremely personable. In spite of the late hour, he took time to answer questions completely and provide additional information in an unhurried manner. He is a consummate professional.

Carole A. Romeo

Because of Dr. Gentile, I can see again. After suffering for 6 months of only being able to "see" light, I was introduced to Dr. Gentile. His calm manner and the warmness of his staff and himself made me believe that I might regain sight. After talking and explaining ever detail, we decided on surgery. Dr Gentile's skill as a surgeon are amazing. I can't possible say enough good things about him and his staff. Very dedicated team.

Chuck R.

One of ... if not THE BEST ... doctors I have ever visited. Saved the vision in my right eye after severe trauma. Knowledgeable, thorough, patient, and caring. Cant' say enough good things about him.

Don F.

Looking for a surgeon who is the top in his profession. Dr. Gentile is not only knowledgeable but has the experience to be proficient in his field. I was comfortable enough to let him do surgery on both eyes at the same time. Thank you.

Ron A.
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